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Unsure if you have the correct league? Check Little League's league finder map to see if your home or child's school is in our boundaries. For other questions, please email Gene




Walkthrough registration for all players, regardless of division, will be held on two dates – January 27th and February 10th - at Cochise Elementary School from 8am to noon, on the silver field just north of the school parking lot. These are also the dates and times of the Minors / Majors tryouts. As volunteers, we try to use our free time wisely, so we combine these events. Please do not show up at 12:15For registration, you only need to attend one of these dates.

1) After you've registered online and paid, Part 2 is to verify your residency or school and your player’s age. You will need to bring your player’s ORIGINAL birth certificate to verify age.


2) If your player attends school within the MRLL boundaries (Kiva, Cochise, Rancho Solano, Archway Cicero) please use the school enrollment form. It’s by far the simplest and preferred way to verify eligibility. Your player can use this form until you switch to a school outside of the boundaries. Take this form to school on Monday and have an administrator sign it.

3) If your player attends school outside of the MRLL boundaries but you live within them, use the residency verification form. This one is more cumbersome, so please read it thoroughly and double check that you have the correct items.

4) If your player previously attended school within the MRLL boundaries and is now at a new school, and you also live outside of the MRLL boundaries, you may use the IId waiver.

5) Parent Code of Conduct – We all expect the players to show good sportsmanship, and we hold the same expectation to the parents. As a Board and panel of Coaches, we are all being held to the same standard through our new partner, Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). Please print the attached Parent Code of Conduct to turn in with your player’s verification forms.



As noted above, all players wishing to participate in Minors / Majors divisions must attend one of the tryouts on either January 27th or February 10th at Cochise Elementary, Silver Field. If your Minors / Majors player does not attend a tryout, they are not eligible to play during the 2018 season – no exceptions. Even older players who have participated in a previous season(s) must participate.

**League age 8 year old players who have registered for Farm are eligible to try out for a spot on a Minors team if they wish. Just show up at the designated time below. A league age 8-year-old player who prefers to stay in Farm is not required to try out. If you are not certain of your player’s league age, click here for the Little League age chart. Tee Ball players are not required to try out.

If your 8-year-old is selected to a Minors team, you will be notified and required to pay the difference between a Farm and Minors registration fee ($120/$200 early bird, $150/$220 regular). Not all 8-year-olds who try out will make a roster, and 8’s will be selected to teams to complete rosters if they are selected at all.

Tryout schedule is as follows:

8am – 12’s
9am – 11’s
10am – 10’s
11am – 9’s and 8’s

We do our best to stay on track with time. Please be patient. Players are to dress for baseball - pants, cleats, protective cup, glove, helmet, bat (IMPORTANT - see below for more information regarding bats).

We run each player through several drills in a relaxed, fun environment. We are not scouting MLB players. We are matching names with faces and getting a reasonable idea of ability so we can put teams together. Players will each field several ground balls with throws to 1B, catch fly balls, catch normally thrown balls, swing at several pitches, and run the bases. We are definitely looking for good attitudes and sportsmanship. A good warm up and big smiles are required. It’s fun and we encourage the younger players to come and watch the older players run through their drills.


As of January 1, Little League, along with other leagues including Cal Ripken, changed their bat standard. Bats used prior to January 1, 2018 are no longer eligible for use. This information was emailed to you as part of your online registration confirmation. Only bats with the USA Baseball stamp will be permitted on the field. DO NOT bring any bats that do not have this logo. Leave them home. Logo for reference.

MRLL sponsor Between The Lines will be giving us sample bats for use during tryouts if your player does not have a USA Baseball bat. Between The Lines will be offering a generous MRLL discount at their store if you purchase there. Shop local.



We will most likely hold the Majors draft Feb 11th, Minors draft Feb 12th, and then a mandatory board, managers, and coaches meeting on Feb 13th. Practices for Minors/Majors teams will begin promptly thereafter. We will then move on to putting together the Farm and Tee Ball teams within the next 7 days. All schedules will follow accordingly. Practices will be set by your Managers. Your patience is appreciated. Thank you.

Feb 11th – Majors draft
Feb 12th – Minors draft
Feb 13th – Mandatory board, managers, coaches meeting
Early March – Minors / Majors games begin
March 9-18 – SUSD Spring Break and Chaparral Park fields closed
March 19th – Farm / Tee Ball games begin
March 24th – Official Opening Day with player announcements & food trucks
May 5th – final tee ball games
May 12th – annual MRLL Farm tournament – final Farm games
May 19th – Minors / Majors championship games
June 1 – All-Star and TOPS teams announced
mid-late June – All-Star tournaments begin*

*If you are interested in All-Stars, please keep in mind it is at least an all-June commitment. Winning a district title is rewarded with a July commitment :). The TOPS tournament is designed for 8 and 9-year-olds to get them ready for future all-star tournament play. It is hosted locally by District 3 and is an amazing experience for our younger players. Details during the season.

To our new players and families, welcome to MRLL! And to our league veterans, welcome back!

See you all on the 27th or 10th.






Congratulations to the McCormick Ranch 10u team on winning the District 6 Little League Championship!
What a great TEAM!

Also congratulations to the MRLL 11u Bulls and 12u Bulls,
both teams finishing as District 6 runners-up!




1997: 12u District 6 Champs

1998: 12u District 6 Champs

2000: 12u District 6 Champs

2004: 12u District 6 Champs

2005: 10u District 6 Champs

2006: 10u District 6 Champs

2008: 10u District 6 Champs
          12u District 6 Champs

2009: 10u District 6 Champs
          11u District 6 Champs

2010: 10u District 6 Champs
          11u District 6 Champs

2011: 12u District 6 Champs

2012: 12u District 6 Champs
          JUNIORS District 6 Champs

2013: 10u District 6 Champs

2014: 12u District 6 Runner Up                   11u District 6 Runner Up

2015: 10u District 6 Runner Up

2017: 10u District 6 Champs
          11u District 6 Runner Up
          12u District 6 Runner Up