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NEWS from McCormick Ranch Little League!





8am – 9am Tee Ball Games
9am - 10:30 am Farm Games


TEAM PHOTO SCHEDULE (Click here for updated schedule w/ team names):

2:30 - Farm Fifield + Frederick
2:45 - Farm Fucello + Hendren
3:00 - Farm Kniffin + Ward
3:15 - Minors Levin +Huseth
3:30 - Minors Bennett + Breslo
3:45 - Minors Ross + Milner 


3:45 All Players & Coaches must meet in Field #5 outfield (except Minors 5 & 6 who’ll join in right after pictures)

4:00 Team Announcements

4:30 Positive Coaching Alliance Parent Workshop (30 mins)



4:30 - TBall Barbeau + Chirico
4:50 - TBall Easterly + Shuman
5:15 - Majors Cherrington + Santarius
5:30   Majors McDonald + Baum



5:15 – 7pm Minors Games
7:30 – 9:30pm Majors Games


Between 3 and 4pm, we will complete our final residency verification. See below:

1) After you've registered online and paid, Part 2 is to verify your residency or school and your player’s age. You will need to bring your player’s ORIGINAL birth certificate to verify age.

2) If your player attends school within the MRLL boundaries (Kiva, Cochise, Rancho Solano, Archway Cicero) please use the school enrollment form. It’s by far the simplest and preferred way to verify eligibility. Your player can use this form until you switch to a school outside of the boundaries. Take this form to school on Monday and have an administrator sign it.

3) If your player attends school outside of the MRLL boundaries but you live within them, use the residency verification form. This one is more cumbersome, so please read it thoroughly and double check that you have the correct items.

4) If your player previously attended school within the MRLL boundaries and is now at a new school, and you also live outside of the MRLL boundaries, you may use the IId waiver.

5) Parent Code of Conduct – We all expect the players to show good sportsmanship, and we hold the same expectation to the parents. As a Board and panel of Coaches, we are all being held to the same standard through our new partner, Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). Please print the attached Parent Code of Conduct to turn in with your player’s verification forms.





Congratulations to the McCormick Ranch 10u team on winning the District 6 Little League Championship!
What a great TEAM!

Also congratulations to the MRLL 11u Bulls and 12u Bulls,
both teams finishing as District 6 runners-up!




1997: 12u District 6 Champs

1998: 12u District 6 Champs

2000: 12u District 6 Champs

2004: 12u District 6 Champs

2005: 10u District 6 Champs

2006: 10u District 6 Champs

2008: 10u District 6 Champs
          12u District 6 Champs

2009: 10u District 6 Champs
          11u District 6 Champs

2010: 10u District 6 Champs
          11u District 6 Champs

2011: 12u District 6 Champs

2012: 12u District 6 Champs
          JUNIORS District 6 Champs

2013: 10u District 6 Champs

2014: 12u District 6 Runner Up                   11u District 6 Runner Up

2015: 10u District 6 Runner Up

2017: 10u District 6 Champs
          11u District 6 Runner Up
          12u District 6 Runner Up